My name is Alejandro and I like culture. I like to walk around streets and photograph. I like to write the occasional short story. I’ve been living in San Francisco since March of 2011 and I really like it. The streets here make my thighs burn and I’m never more than a few days without a fantastic taco. What more could I want, ya know?

I was once the editor for the Latino publishing company Guanabee Media Network. Then, realizing I was being used as a bot for page views, I took a job with the oral history project StoryCorps as a mobile facilitator. Now, I’m the managing editor of a new project for Youth Radio called Turnstyle News, which aims to attract diverse audiences for public media.

I’m of Mexican heritage; I was born in California. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin, Mexico City, Madrid, and now San Francisco.

Sometimes people call me Alex because Alejandro is really hard to pronounce (nope).